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Apple 'Dwarf Granny Smith' 25cm

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Apple 'Dwarf Granny Smith'

A medium-sized fruit with rich green skin. Tart to sprightly flavour that will sweeten it left to hang on the tree. Excellent cooking apples as flesh hold it shape and flavour deepens with cooking. 

Skin: Rich green with numerous conspicuous lenticels.

Flesh: Greenish-white. crisp, firm. Excellent keeping qualities.

Flavour: Very good. Can be tart - a sweeter flavour develops if the fruit is left to hang on the tree after leaf-fall. Maintains good flavour after cooking. 

Culture: Suitable for cool temperate zones of Australia with cool winters. Possible pollination partners include 'Gala', 'Golden Delicious', 'Jonathan', 'Pink Lady', Red Delicious'. 

Size: Dwarf fruit tree.

Care: for more information on planting, maintenance, and care visit