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Apple 'Dwarf Pixie Crunch' 25cm

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Apple 'Dwarf Pixie Crunch' PBR 'Co-op33'

Matures mid-season. This small, bright, crisp and tasty apple is a delight to eat straight from the tree. It has the advantage of being bred for resistance to apple scab, making it low maintenance, ideal for those looking to grow organically. 

Skin: Attractive red blush on sun exposed fruit a yellow-cream ground colour. 

Flesh: Creamy-white. Juicy. Medium texture. 

Flavour: Good, well balanced. 

Culture: Suitable for cool temperate zones of Australia with cool winters. Possible pollination partners include Ballerina cultivars that blossom at the same time, 'Crimson Crisp'(TM), 'Granny Smith', 'Jonathan', 'Williams Pride'. 

Size: Dwarf fruit tree.

Care: For more information on planting, maintenance, and care visit