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Nellie Kelly

Avocado Grafted Bacon - (B variety) 'Nelly Kelly' 20cm

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Avocado Grafted Bacon - (B variety) 'Nelly Kelly'

Rootstock- Bacon. 

This variety is a pollinator for itself and other varieties of avocado. The grafted avocado bacon is most suitable for cooler climates. 

It will grow into a large tree up to 4 m. Needs to be protected from frost in the early stages of growth. 

Plant in a well drained slightly acidic soil. Water well during the hotter months. Selectively prune annually. 

The fruit of Bacon Avocado is an oval, thin skinned dark green in colour. Flesh is a pale yellow to green, it is less oily than other avocadoes. Delicious tasting with a creamy buttery texture.