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Banana Blue Java

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Cool Bananas

Blue Java

Musa hybrid (Musa acuminata × M. babisiana)

An unusual variety with a skin that begins a powdery blue then ripens to traditional yellow. The soft, sweet flesh is creamy white and tastes like vanilla ice cream. 

Cool Bananas are specially selected for their ability to fruit in the cooler southern climates.

Bananas require a position in the full sun with rich well drained soil and protection from frost and cold winds. Bananas are heavy feeders, during the growing season apply garden lime and organic fertiliser every six weeks.

Fruit is ready for harvesting once the fruits ridges have smoothed out and the flower has blackened and is dry and crumbly. After harvesting cut the main stem down to the ground, one of the suckers will then replace the main stem. Cover the smaller suckers with straw over winter to protect from the cold.

Full sun

Fertilise in summer

Protect from frost

Height: 3m