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Banksia spinulosa 'Cherry Candles' PBR 14cm

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Low water needs when established

Cherry Candles"


Banksia spinulosa cherry candles d

The first generation bred from Banksia Birthday Candles, with large deep

cherry-and-golden flowers.

A compact, dwarf shrub (50 cm high x 75-90 cm wide) with small neat dark

foliage, and massed displays of cherry-and-gold candles from late summer to

winter. Developing buds create a long anticipation period. Honeyeaters are

readily attracted to the flowers, spending a long time probing each candle for its

store of nectar, and carrying pollen to the next flower as they feed. Suitable for

temperate to sub tropical climates, loves full sun, and does well in well drained

clay or sandy loams, neutral to acid pH.

Withstands light frosts; excellent in coastal gardens.

Uses: Like Birthday Candles, it is a sensational container plant, or may be

massed for dramatic effect in garden beds. If grown in containers, use premium

potting mix only. Do not overwater, keep lightly moist whether in ground or in


Maintenance: Trim off spent flowers, lightly tip prune foliage as required.

Feed in early spring or late summer with controlled release,

low phosphorus fertilizer.

Bird illustrated: New Holland (or Yellow Winged) Honeyeater


Unauthorised commercial propagation of any sale, conditioning,

export, import or stocking of propagating material of this variety is


an infringement under the Plant Breeders Rights Act 1934,

Granted: No 3457

Bred and developed by Austraflora Pty Lid O

The name Austraflora and its symbol are protected by ®.