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Brachyscome Multifida 'Break O' Day Daisy' 14cm CLEARANCE

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End of batch - seconds quality Brachyscome Multifida 

 Dotted across your garden, sitting in pots on your patio, or making a splash of colour at eye level throughout the year ~ they’re irresistible.  And the butterflies will thank you for a day-long tipple of nectar from bright purple flowers.

Be adventurous and mix & match different colours.  Or blend them with other plants ~ there’s no rules, it’s up to you.  As they only grow 30cm high and 30cm wide, you’ll have fun filling in the small pockets in your garden.

Designer Daisies are comfortable in cool to sub tropical climates, in a range of moist well drained soils with full sun or partial shade.  A light trim and an annual feed of native fertilizer will keep them thriving, and your garden in a state of constant bliss.

Full sun, Part shade

Height: 30cm

Width: 30cm