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Dwarf Apple Granny Smith 'Leprechaun' 30cm

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A perfect compact pollinator, Dwarf Apple Leprechaun 'PBR' (Malus domestica) is a dwarf Apple of Granny Smith type. This variety will provide masses of crisp apples with a tart-tang to it and bright green skin in a very small space. One of the best apples for eating and also a very good cooking apple because of its ability to retain flavour.

A true dwarf, this variety needs another variety nearby to produce a good crop; some suitable pollinators are:
Monty’s Suprprise
Golden Delicious
Red Delicious
Red Fuji
Pink Lady cv. ‘Cripps Pink’

Apples are proven winners in the home garden, and the new varieties of modern Dwarf Apples are especially good in smaller gardens. They will grow in full sun to part shade and in a wide variety of soils, although they do prefer moist, heavy loams.
Apples require a full sun position in a well fertilised soil, and like all produce plants, correct pruning, regular fertilising and watering will result in an abundance of fruit.