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Dwarf Olive - Piccolo 'Olea europaea' 18cm

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Dwarf Olive - Piccolo 'Olea europaea' 

Dwarf, non-fruiting olive with multi-branching habit, has green leaves with a lighter silvery-green underside. Easy care and hardy. 

Flowering: Ornamental non-fruiting or flowering variety. 

Size: Grows to approx. 1.5m tall and 1.5m wide. 

Uses: Attractive as a formal clipped hedge or featured as a specimen shrub. Can be used as a border plant, grown in containers, trained as a topiary or as a single tree trunk in smaller spaces. Companion plant olive with rosemary and lavender as they tolerate similar conditions. 

Position: Likes full sun. Can tolerate coastal conditions and is frost, heat, drought and salt tolerant. 

Maintenance: Once established in landscape, needs only occasional watering. Potted plants require regular watering and fertilizing.