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$ 22.00 Fuchsia Species Sun chime pink 20cm

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Fuchsia SunChime Pink o

Fuchsia x hybrid

A new fuchsia variety producing masses of large two toned

pink and purple flowers set against large, glossy green

leaves. SunChime Pink. grows to around 60cm high and

50cm wide and is more tolerant of heat than most fuchsias.

Plants thrive in a bright, morning sun position and flower

profusely most of the year round. Lightly prune in autumn

to encourage new growth and maintain compact habit.

Great for mass plantings or use in pots or hanging baskets.


Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or

stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infringement under the Plant


Breeders Rights Act 1994.