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Lime Sulphur 500ml

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Description:  Concentrated lime sulphur solution for control of certain diseases, insects and mites on pome fruit, stone fruit, citrus, grapes, roses, hedges and vegetables

Diseases Controlled:  White Louse Scale, Mouri mite, Bud mite, Erinose mite, Vine Bunch mite, San Jose scale, Byrobia mite, Pear leaf blister mite, Frosted scale, Two spotted mite, Tomato mite, Powdery Mildew, Rust, Brown Rot, Black Spot, Shot hole, leaf curl and Freckle.

Contains:  Polysulphide Sulphur.

Where to use:  In crops mentioned and at the registered rate.

When to use:  Follow critical comments on the product label. Timing depends on the crop and the pest or disease.

Use rate:  Rates vary fro 1L/100L of water to 10L/ 100L.

Useful Tips:  Do not apply during growing period of apricots, raspberries, cucurbits, peaches or other sulphur sensitive plants. Suitable to be included in a resistance strategy. Do not mix with water of pH below 4. Spread of mites is checked by sulphur treatments used for powdery mildew. Use spray mixture on the same day as mixed with water.

Main Usage Period:  Mainly when the trees are dormant.