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Macadamia integrifolia 'Lotsa Nuts' 18cm

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If you like delicious nuts straight from your own garden, Macadamia Lotsa Nuts will produce them by the bucketload.  Grow it as a screen or more formal hedge and reap the harvest every year.

Macadamia Lotsa Nuts has handsome shiny lobed leaves and pendulous perfumed cream flowers in spring, so you could grow them in a large decorative containers for a courtyard or open paved area as young flowering fruiting plants, and transplant into your garden later. 

Hardy in cool temperate to tropical climates in humus-rich clay loam, neutral to acid pH. Happy in open sunny or partially shaded sites.  Medium frost tolerance. Will also thrive in near-coastal sites with deep humus and mulching..

Edible nuts

Height: 4-5m

Width: 2.5-3.5m