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Natrasol Premium Quality Seaweed Concentrate 1.25L

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Natrasol is a concentrated organic extract made from seaweed stems (Durvillaea potatorum) harvested on Tasmania's rugged West Coast. The concentrate retains all the micronutrients, alginic acid, trace elements and natural growth regulators contained in the fresh seaweed. This product will assist plants in a number of ways including stimulating root development and increasing resistance to stress in times of frost, heat and drought. Help your plants grow naturally with Natrasol Premium Quality Seaweed Concentrate.

The Natural Benefits Include:

  • NASAA Certified Organic.
  • Improve plant ability to uptake soil nutrients & trace elements.
  • Provide a natural resistance to insect and fungal attack.
  • Significantly increases frost and drought tolerance.
  • Improve fruit set and quality.
  • Promote deeper and more extensive root development.