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Plum X Apricot 'Plumscrumptious' 25cm

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Plum X Apricot 'Plumscrumptious'

Brings the flavour and characteristics of a plum and an apricot together in one delightful new fruit. Developed by natural hand pollination methods. 'Plumscrumptious' is a prolific cropping tree with fruit that ripens from early to mid-summer. 

Skin: Red to deep plum colour skin. 

Flesh: Mulberry red.

Flavour: Excellent sweet flavour- a superb mix of the plum and balanced by the apricot. 

Culture: Suitable for cooler temperate zones of Australia with cool winters. Possible pollination partners includes 'Mariposa'.

Care: For more information on planting, maintenance and care visit