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Shagpile Casuarina glauca prostrate clearance 25

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Shagpile is a selected form of Casuarina glauca. This

plant has a prostrate cascading ground cover habit,

making it suitable for any garden that requires low


POSITION: Grows best in full sun to dappled shade and

is adaptable to most well drained soils. This ground cover

is also excellent to use in coastal gardens.

CARE: is a very hardy compact ground cover that

requires little maintenance. It is best to initially feed with

a slow release low phosphorus fertiliser to help establish

the plant when first planted. Mulching around the base

of the plant will help retain moisture and suppress


USES: Shagpile is an attractive compact ground cover

that is the perfect choice for low borders or can be used

to cascade over retaining walls. Shagpile's soft

grey/green stringy-like foliage provides contrast in the

garden making it an extremely versatile plant for

landscape design.