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Syzygium australe 'Hinterland Gold' 14cm

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Syzygium australe 'Hinterland Gold'

This quick growing, evergreen native shrub or small tree with a dense foliage cover is perfect for hedging and screening. 

Hinterland Gold is a feature plant throughout the year with its attractive green, glossy foliage, feathery, creamy-white flowers followed by purplish-pink, fleshy, edible berries. A highlight of this syzygium is regular flushes of golden, copper toned new growing tips which turn to green as they mature. 

Plant in an open, sunny position in well drained, composted soil with a good mulch layer around the base of the plant. keep mulch away from trunk to avoid rotting. To encourage a compact habit or maintain a certain shape prune back lightly several times throughout the year.

Full sun.