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Tomato ‘Tommy Toe’ Heirloom Selection 10cm

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This tomato is the standard by which Diggers judges all other tomatoes. A taste test winner time-and-time again and all-round performer, 'Tommy Toe' reliably produces trusses of

7-9 perfectly uniform fruits perfect for the roasting tray! Versatile, prolific and delicious, it is the largest of the cherry tomatoes and a trusty garden staple that's perfect for pots or garden beds. Fruits in 10 weeks from transplant. Yields 11kg per plant.

Growing tips: Plant tomato seedlings out when soil temperature reaches 15°C or more, and after risk of frost has passed. Plant in full sun and enrich the soil with compost and well-rotted manure.

In pots, use a premium organic potting mix. Mulch and water regularly, especially during hot weather. Stake at planting.