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Adenanthos sericeus compact 'Dwarf Woolly Bush' 20cm

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Adenanthos sericeus compact 'Dwarf Woolly Bush'

An attractive medium shrub with silver/green woolly soft foliage, and produces dainty pale red flowers in spring. An excellent plant for creating contrasting textures within the landscape. This plant can be used as a feature plant or for border planting in formal and informal gardens.

Grows best in full sun with good airflow and well drained soils. This plant is ideal doe coastal locations where rainfall is consistent. Once established this plant will tolerate short periods of dry; it is not suited to humid climates. 

This plant requires little maintenance as its textual compact habit naturally forms a good shape, thus requiring little to no pruning. It is best to initially feed with a slow release low phosphorus fertiliser and apply as required. Mulching around the base of the plant will help retain moisture and suppress weeds. 

Borders and edging.
Coastal conditions.
Great feature plant.

Full sun.

Height:1.5 - 2m
Width: 1.5m