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Alyogyne huegelii East Coast Gem 14cm

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Eastcoast Gem is a fast growing compact shrub that produces beautiful silky dark purple/mauve flowers for most of the year, with the main flush coming on from spring through to autumn. 

It grows well in full sun and dappled shade and  is adaptable to most well drained soils. It will tolerate dry conditions and light frost once established. It makes a good screening plant and can also be used as an informal hedge. 

Little maintenance is required and it is best to feed with slow-release low phosphorus fertiliser to help establish the plant. Pruning to shape can be done if desired and will benefit to follow up with reapplication of fertiliser if required. Mulch well around the base to help retain moisture and suppress weeds. 

Australian native.
Evergreen shrub.
Fast growing.
Coastal and inland conditions.
Attracts bees.
Frost and dry tolerant.

Full sun to dappled shade

Height: 50cm - 1.2m
Width: 1 - 1.5m