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Chrysocephalum apiculatum ‘Silver Sunburst’ 14cm

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This form of Chrysocephalum apiculatum is compact with broad silver foliage and produces bright golden button flowers in clusters.

It requires very low maintenance and is fast growing. It is suitable for planting in courtyards, cottage and coastal gardens and is also suitable for container planting. It also makes a great, colourful low level border when planted along pathways.

It is best grown in full sun position and will tolerate part shade and light frost. It is adaptable to most well drained moist soils and it requires watering in summer when conditions are very dry.

It is best to feed with a low phosphorus fertiliser to help establish the plant, it is recommended to feed with the occasional reapplication of fertiliser as required. 

Australian Native
Silver foliage and golden foliage
Coastal conditions
Full sun
Tolerates part shade and light frost

Height: 0.3 -0.4m
Width: 0.3-0.4m