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Citrus 'Finger Lime Crystal' Grafted 20cm

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Finger Limes are prized for their unique caviar-like pulp and attractive colour. White flowers are followed by finger like fruit that is usually green/yellow in colour and full of glistening "citrus pearls."

This fruit is used in refreshing drinks and desserts. Useful in chutneys, jams, marmalades or used as a garnish. Finger Limes are usually used fresh. It goes well as an accompaniment to seafood dishes. Fruit can also be frozen for use at a later date.

Finger Limes make a thorny shrub or small tree and provide suitable protection for nesting birds. This Finger Lime is slow growing. The fruits ripen in Winter through to Spring. They make excellent pot specimens for a courtyard or balcony. Requires fertile well-draining soil and protection from frost and drying winds.

Bush food.
Great in chutneys, jams and drinks.
Fruits in Winter and Spring.

Full sun.

Height: 4 - 6m
Width: 2m