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Blood & Bone 2.5kg

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Features and Benefits

  • Organically based
  • Gives plants the nitrogen boost needed to green them up quickly
  • Improves soil texture and quality
  • Encourages soil microbial activity and earthworms
  • Ideal for use on all plants including edible crops except Australian natives
  • Safe to use any time of the year
  • Easy to use – simply spread one handful per square metre
  • Free of urea and chemicals – contains no impurities

Directions For Use

Fruit & Citrus, Trees & Shrubs – 125g per square meter. Apply around the drip line of the tree.

Flowering Annuals, Perennials, Vegetables, Tomatoes & Herbs – 100g per square meter. Apply evenly over soil surrounding the plants.

Compost bins – Rate will vary due to the compost bin size. Apply a thin layer over the compost & mix in.

Natives – Use Grow Better Natural Natives.

When to use – when first planting & then every 6 to 8 weeks.