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Rapid Soak Granular Soil Wetter 2.5Lt

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Features and Benefits

  • Reduces Water use by 50%
  • Prevents water run off
  • Promotes strong root growth
  • 12 litre covers 240m2
  • 30 litre covers 600m2
  • Ideal for Garden Beds and Lawns

Directions For Use

Garden Beds & Lawns – 1 litre per 20 square metre or 50ml per square metre. Higher rates can be used on areas that are particularly hydrophobic without causing any detrimental effect. For new, mix into a depth of 10cm. For existing, sprinkle on top. Water in after application.

Pots, Containers & Baskets – 10ml per 250mm pot. 20ml per 300mm pot. 40ml per 400mm pot. Sprinkle on top or mix through potting mix. Water in after application.

Reapply every 6 months or as required.