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Correa glabra 'Coliban River' 20cm

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This form of Correa glabra was found near the Coliban River in Kyneton, Victoria. It is a fast growing shrub with pale green, lantern shaped flowers in late autumn to winter. It is naturally smaller and denser in habit than other species of glabra. It makes an excellent low growing hedge for difficult conditions and is very useful for smaller gardens.

It grows best when planted in full sun to dappled or part shade in most well drained soils. Coliban River will tolerate dry periods once established. 

Little maintenance is required other then tip pruning to maintain the compact form. It will benefit from the application of a slow release low phosphorus fertiliser. Mulching around the base of the plant will help conserve  moisture. 

Australian native
Small, compact shrub
Excellent as a hedging plant and for smaller gardens
Suitable for coastal and inland conditions
Drought and frost tolerant
Low water

Full sun to part shade

Height: 1-1.5m
Width: 1-1.5m