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Correa reflexa 'Common Correa - Native Fuchsia 14cm

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Correa reflexa 'Common Correa - Native Fuchsia

Highly ornamental Australian native shrub with a long lasting showy floral display. 

Upright evergreen shrub that adapts to most conditions in a mild climate. Pretty dark green foliage and many showy tubular red/pinkish and green flower with upturned ends. Long flowering. 

Suited to average moist but free draining soils in sun or semi-shade. Once established will tolerate dryness. 

Grows best in sites receiving dappled shade. Mulch soil with with a little compost and organic matter to reduce weeds and retain soil moisture. Trim back after flowering to encourage compact growth and to promote further flowers next season. 

-Excellent mass planting for landscaping.

-Grow under open canopied trees such as Gums or Acacias.

-Lovely informal hedge or border plant. 

Height: 1.5m

Width: 1.5m