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Doryanthes excelsa 'Gymea Lily' 20cm

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Doryanthes excelsa 'Gymea Lily'

This spectacular feature plant has a rosette of giant, sword shaped leaves which can reach up to 1.8m. 

In spring and summer this Australian plant bears large globular heads of striking, deep red, torch shaped flowers borne on stems which may reach 6m. May take 5 to 10 years before flowering stems are produced. A hardy plant for general garden use or container planting in large tubs.

Thrives in well drained, hummus rich soil in a sunny, open position. Flowers-heads may be damaged by frost but foliage is frost tolerant. Responds well to light applications of fertiliser in he growing season. Established plants may be divided and transplanted.  

Full Sun 

Height: 1.8m

Width: 1.5-3m