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Fruit & Citrus Food Premium Organic Based 2.5kg

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Features and Benefits

  • All the benefits of a gentle organic plant food with the added goodness of extra potash, trace elements and iron
  • Ideal for all fruiting trees
  • Greens up yellowing leaves on citrus including lemon, orange, lime, cumquat and grapefruit
  • Encourages prolific flowering and fruit-set on all types of fruit trees
  • Produces healthy fruits with quality flesh and good flavour
  • Aids in protecting citrus and other fruit trees against diseases

Directions For Use

Fruit & Citrus Trees – 125g per square meter. Apply around the drip line of the tree.

Berries & Fruiting Shrubs – 125g per square meter. Apply evenly over soil underneath the foliage.

Pots – 10g per litre of potting mix. 20cm = 50g. 30cm = 80g. Wine Barrel = 200g. When using non Premium potting mix. Mix with soil when planting or add to established plants.

When to use – when first planting & then every 6 to 8 weeks.