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General Purpose Lawn Seed Blend 1kg

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General Purpose

Lawn Seed Blend

Ideal for home lawns, parks and landscape where rapid establishment and hardiness are required. This blend is dark green in colour. Perennial Ryegrass will establish rapidly and gives the turf superior wear resistance.

Grow Better General Purpose Lawn Seed Blend creates an easy to establish lush, green lawn that will grow in full sun and medium shade conditions found in most gardens. It grows in most soil types, is hardwearing and remains green all year round.

Planting a Beautiful "Grow Better" Lawn

Best Planting Time: Plant all year round. See instructions below for late Spring or

Summer planting.

Step 1. Dig soil to a depth of 10cm. Work the top 3cm of soil to a fine smooth texture (a load of sandy loam topsoil will help). On hard clay soils, apply Grow Better Gypsum.

Step 2. Check soil acidity - pH of 6 to 7 is ideal. Adjust acid soils with Grow Better Garden Lime.

Step 3. Rake Lawn Starter into the soil. Spread Grow Better General Purpose Lawn Seed Blend evenly, firm down or tread seed into surface.

Step 4. Water with fine spray and keep damp until lawn is established (1 to 3 weeks). Lawns sown in late Spring or Summer need frequent watering during the first summer.

Step 5. Mow when grass is 5cm high, removing the top 2cm. Keeping Your Lawn Healthy and Weed-Free

Feeding: Lawns need regular feeding to resist wear, disease and heat stress. Feed in Spring, early Summer and Autumn with Grow Better Lawn Food.

Watering: Regular deep watering is better than frequent light applications and makes lawn care easier and more water efficient.