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Grevillea 'Loopy Lou' 20cm

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Grevillea 'Loopy Lou'

This hybrid Grevillea from Changers Green Nursery will grow around 0.5m tall X 1.5m wide only. (it'll fit just about anywhere). 

'Loopy Lou' should flower all year in most parts of the country provided it has moderate drainage and is doesn't get below -2c. 

Full sun is recommended although a little less wont upset it - its pretty hardy!

Flower colour is a real mixture. Starting at a greenish yellow with a red tip on to the style they will slowly change to light then darker pink at maturity with more red. 

Ensure you dig a hole twice the size of the rootball. Cut away any 'coiling' roots (new ones will soon form) plant to the same level of the surrounding soil or slightly higher and water in well. Do NOT place fertilizer at the bottom of the hole under any circumstances. Water again every 2-4 days until active growth is seen the reduce frequency. 

Prune to shape once or twice a year and feed in spring with a slow release low phosphorous fertiliser. 

Full sun 

Height: 0.5m 

Width: 1.5m