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Leucadendron salignum 'Jack Harre' 18cm

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Leucadendron salignum 'Jack Harre'

A lovely, small growing shrub to 1.5m. 'Jack Harre' adds a splash of colour to any garden, with a brilliant display of masses of red flower bracts which intensify during cooler weather; these bracts make great cut flowers, and the compact nature of this plant is ideal for small hedges, general landscaping, and look fantastic in a decorative pot. 

Prefers a sunny position in well drained, acidic soil, and will tolerate light frosts and coastal conditions. Prune after flowering and fertilise sparingly with an acid fertiliser. 

Cut flower.
Small hedging.
Pots and containers.

Full sun.

Height: 1.5m 
Width: 1m