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Organic Fertiliser 2.5kg

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Features and Benefits

  • 100% organic from renewable, recycled and natural mineral sources
  • Safe for all plants including edible crops like vegetables and fruit trees
  • Slow, gentle action that won’t burn plants’ roots
  • Improves soil texture and quality by adding organic matter
  • Organic content improves soil moisture penetration and retention
  • Assists in promoting strong roots, healthy leaf growth and prolific flower production
  • Composted for 12 weeks to eradicate weeds and harmful impurities
  • Economical – use only 100 grams (2 handfuls) per square metre
  • Easy to spread
  • Not harmful to humans, animals or birds

Directions For Use

Fruit & Citrus, Trees & Shrubs – 150g per square metre. Apply around the drip line of the tree.

Flowering Annuals, Perennials, Vegetables, Tomatoes & Herbs – 120g per square metre. Apply evenly over soil surrounding the plants.

Lawns – 150g per square metre. Apply evenly over surface and water in thoroughly.

Natives – Use Grow Better Natural Natives fertiliser.

Pots – 10g per litre of potting mix. 20cm = 50g. 30cm = 80g. Wine Barrel = 200g. When using non Premium potting mix. Mix with soil when planting or add to established plants.

When to use – When first planting and then every 6 to 8 weeks.