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Propagation Mix 12lt

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Features and Benefits

  • Ideal blend of coarse and moisture-retaining materials to support and maintain cuttings
  • Includes natural growth stimulant to promote rapid and strong root production
  • Drains freely to prevent basal rotting
  • Ideal moisture retention

Directions For Use

  • Select cuttings from strong healthy plants, which are free from disease.
  • Remove leaves from the lower half without damaging bark.
  • Dip the base in rooting hormone solution if necessary.
  • Push cuttings into mixture that has been firmed and watered first.
  • Add Grow Better Plant Starter to the first watering, to help cuttings establish a good root system.
  • cover with clear plastic and keep in a warm, light position that will give a moist and humid environment.
  • Water regularly, particularly in the first couple of weeks.
  • When the new plant is established with new leaves and a good root system, replant into pots using Grow Better Premium or Terracotta & Tub Potting Mix. Alternatively plant directly into the ground adding a little Grow Better Pure Magic Compost to the planting hole and water it thoroughly using Grow Better Plant Starter.