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Root Striking Powder No.2 30g

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IBA Root-Strike
Description: Plant Propagating hormone.
For improving the percentage of root strike in most plant cuttings.


Where to use:  Suitable for semi hardwood and hardwood cuttings. Ensures faster growth and increase in the number of roots produced per cutting.

When to use:  Root promoting substances must be used in conjuction with standard propagating techniques and facilities such as temperature, light conditions and moisture availability

Use rate:  Dip base of cutting to a depth of about 5mm into the IBA Rootstrike in a shallow container for 5 seconds.

Useful Tips:  Moisten the end of the cutting before dipping in Kendon IBA. Tap of excess powder and plant into propagating medium. Medium must be kept moist during the entire period of root formation

Restrictions:  Store with container tightly closed in a cool, well ventilated area. Do not store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight

Main Usage Period:  All year round