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Tasmannia lanceolata (male) 'Mountain Pepper' 18cm

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An attractive shrub with dark green, leathery leaves and crimson red young stems. plants are either male or female with creamy white flowers appearing in spring. Berries will be produced on the female plants only if there is a male plant nearby to fertilise the female plants. Both the leaves and berries can be used to add spicy hot flavour to casseroles, curries, pastas and soup. Use leaves fresh, or dried and ground and sprinkle on food. The dried or fresh berries can be used as an interesting alternative to traditional pepper. 

Preferring a cool. moist, fertile soil in a sunny to partly shady position. Tolerant of cold, frosty conditions. 

Keep moist during hot, dry conditions. Can be trimmed after fruiting to maintain desired shape and to encourage crimson new growth. Mulch well to retain soil moisture and supress weeds.

Perfect for Large pots, containers, borders and edges. 

Bush food.
Male and female varieties.
Alternative to pepper.

Full sun to part shade.

Height: 2-3m 
Width: 2-3m