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Telopea speciosissima 'Waratah' 14cm

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A large to medium, evergreen shrub that is the floral emblem of NSW, the Waratah produces an abundance of bright red or pink flowers throughout spring. 

It is a great feature shrub for rockeries or general garden beds. It is also suitable for a large container and is a great cut flower. Corroboree Waratah has also been known to grow well in coastal areas.

Best planted in a well drained soil:  Sandy, Loamy, Sandy loam, and Potting mix can be used. Feed with a good native fertiliser in spring and water well afterwards to prevent leaf burn. Prune heavily and remove spent flowers after flowering to maintain shape of plant. 

Australian native
Evergreen shrub
Red flowers throughout spring
Used as a feature plant in garden beds or rockeries
Attracts birds and bees
Cut flower

Prefers full sun but will tolerate part shade

Height: 3m
Width: 1m