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Terracotta and Tub Potting Mix - 30L

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Terracotta and Tub Potting Mix - 30L

Contains water storing granules, rewetting agent and controlled release fertiliser. 


Features and Benefits

  • The complete package for container-grown plants
  • Long lasting – includes slow release fertiliser, natural growth stimulant (X Facta), wetting agent and water-storing granules
  • Stunning results in independent trials
  • Made the Australian Standard for Premium quality potting mixes
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants

Directions For Use

Spring, Summer and early Autumn are the best times to repot a plant. However, avoid repotting when temperatures are very hot. If roots are poking out of the drainage holes, a larger pot is needed. Examine the roots of the plant. If there are root tips forming a thick spiral at the base of the root ball, repotting is required

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